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Is your company ready to migrate its workload to the cloud but you don’t know where to begin to find that specialist you can rely on to complete the transformation?

Perhaps you’re seeking a permanent team member with all the vital cloud skills to help your company grow and thrive? Or maybe you’re looking for an expert who can give you essential short-term help with a specific project. Regardless of your requirements, you can be confident that CloudOps Resources can solve your recruitment problems so that your business can be taken to a whole new level.

We are experienced specialists in cloud recruitment and are focused on matching the unique needs of your organisation with the right candidates to suit your corporate culture and business requirements. We take the time to find out all the vital information we need so that the perfect candidates for your company can be identified and their CVs put before you for consideration. You’ll find it easier than you ever imagined to find the right professional for your company.

We specialise in identifying professionals with key skills across a wide range of areas including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and VMWare.

Our Company Values

Our company values have a key influence on the way in which we work with clients and candidates as well as on the ways in which our employees cooperate with each other.
  • Inspiration is key

    with no ambition, it’s impossible to achieve anything. That’s why we always work hard to set a positive example in all we do, striving to make positive differences to every person we’re working with.
  • Love what you do

    we work in recruitment, and that’s why we know the importance of finding a job that you truly love. We all enjoy what we do, and have a lot of fun with those we work alongside.
  • Be proud

    we strive to always be the very best and continually work to make the service which we offer our clients and candidates the very best it can be.

Submit Your CV

we give you our top tips so you can get your dream job.


Top Tips For Interview

Well done! You’ve sent in an application and received an invitation to an interview for the job. That’s great news! But you can’t rest on your laurels yet – you need to ensure the final stage of the process goes without a hitch. How can you ace that interview? Here, we give you our top tips so you can get your dream job.
  • research

    Research is the key

    Make sure you’ve looked into everything from the role itself to the services and products that the....

  • memory

    Refresh your memory

    Take the time to revisit your
    application and CV as well as the description of the job....

  • route

    Plan your route

    There’s no point in being prepared
    for the interview if you fail to get there in time....

We identify talent within these technologies:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • VMware
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